UniforumNZ'99 - A Biased Perspective

This seminar will present a participants perspective on UniforumNZ'99, the 16th Annual Conference of the New Zealand Unix and Open Systems group. The conference theme was "The Business of Choice", and the workshops and conference presentations ranged over Linux, Security, Unix administration, mission critical Unix, Java, legal issues, and others.

I'll present a brief summary of those presentations I attended, inevitably biased by my well known views of whats important! The proceedings are available for those who'd like more (independent) details.

  1. UniforumNZ'99
  2. Rotorua, NZ
  3. Relationships - Organisational Encounters
  4. Bird's Nest Terrace - Waimangu
  5. The GNU Project
  6. Mt Tarawera
  7. Exploration & Visualisation of Reusable Components Using Java
  8. Mt Maunganui
  9. Making & Managing Monsters
  10. Tairua, Coromandel Peninsula
  11. Mission Critical UNIX - Fortune 500 Companies
  12. Inferno Lake - Waimangu
  13. Regulation of Pernography on the Internet
  14. Hells Gate
  15. Identification & Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights in Computer Software
  16. Frying Pan Lake - Waimangu
  17. CECIL - a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
  18. Steaming Cliffs, Lake Rotmahana
  19. The Burgler in Your Computer
  20. Devil's Cauldron, Hells Gate
  21. UNIX Privilege Manager
  22. Rapaura Water Gardens, Coromandel Peninsula
  23. We Live in Interesting Times
  24. Whare, Buried Village, Rotorua
  25. Conclusion
  26. Winter Gardens, Auckland

Lawrie Brown / 18 May 99