Lyz's Clockwork Jig

Winner TSDAV Dance Composers Competition 1990

An Australian contemporary bush dance, composed in Canberra.

Composed by:
Lawrie Brown, February 1990
Dedicated to:
Lyz Hindmarsh
Initial Formation:
any 32-bar jig (american) repeated four times
(Repeat 4-times)
Bar			Instructions					No. beats

A1 reverse swing partner in ballroom hold				8
   natural swing partner in ballroom hold				8
A2 tops slip step across, men pass back to back   )  sides do these 	4
   tops slip step back, ladies pass back to back, )  figures on 3rd 	4
   tops slip step in to meet in centre 	          )  and 4th repeats	2
   tops form a raised star, swap ladies under mens raised left arms, )	4
   and slip step back out to place with new partners )			2
B1 men in for a LH-star once around					8
   collect partners round waist with RH for LH-wheel once round to place 8
B2 men back out whilst turning ladies in for a
   ladies RH-star, 1 1/4 times round					12
   men courtesy turn new partner LH round behind into ballroom hold	4


"Lyz's Clockwork Jig" is © Copyright 1990 by Lawrie Brown.