Revolving Doors

An Australian contemporary bush dance, composed in Canberra.

Composed by:
Lawrie Brown, January 1991
Initial Formation:
Sicilian Longways (ie couple facing couple in longways set or circle)
32-bar (American) Reel
Bar			Instructions				No. beats

A1	1's mirror turn opposite 				8
	(lady 1 RH-turn man 2, man 1 LH-turn lady 2)
	1's turn partner with an open two-hand turn		8
A2	2's mirror turn opposite 				8
	(lady 2 RH-turn man 1, man 2 LH-turn lady 1)
	2's turn partner with an open two-hand turn		8
B1	advance and retire					8
	mirror gypsy opposite					8
	(lady 1 R shoulder gypsy man 2, man 1 L shoulder gypsy lady 2)
B2	mirror swing opposite with an open two-hand swing	16
	(lady 1 natural swing man 2, man 1 reverse swing lady 2)
	ending in progressed positions
	facing a new couple to restart the dance


"Revolving Doors" is © Copyright 1991 by Lawrie Brown.