Lawrie's Aussiecon 3 Photos

Well I'm back from attending Aussiecon 3, The 57th World Science Fiction Convention, held over 2-6 Sept 1999 at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne, Australia. I had a great time!!! It was really wonderful catching up with friends whom I'd not seen in years (wonderful how an event like this pulls people out of the woodwork!). I enjoyed hearing the guests - being particularly impressed with Greg Benford who gave a very interesting talk on communicating into the far future; and J Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5 (my very favorite TV SF show). I got to quite a few interesting panels: including one on time travel & how its used in SF, another by Sean McMullen on getting details such as fight scenes or bellydancing correct in your writing (with live demonstrations :-), and even a midnight panel on vampirerotica! I also found my way to a few parties, which were fun. There were some great costumes at the masquerade, both on the stage and hall costumes. In all, I had a wonderful time, and full complements to the organisers and volunteers, who did massive amounts of work behind the scenes. Thanks heaps to y'all.

Anyway, following are a selection of photos of the convention. They've been scanned in from my photos, unless otherwise noted. The thumbnails link to full size images.

Friends, Panels, Parties and Signings

One of the nice things about the convention was catching up with friends, whom I've not seen for quite some years (hmmm - been a while between cons ...) including Sue Isle & Stephen Dedman from Perth caught in the foyer!

There were a number of interesting panels, including the one hosted by Sean McMullin on "Karate, Belly Dancing & Computer Slaves: Behind the Action in Souls In The Great Machine", in which he detailed the problems involved in getting your action descriptions just right! It included some live 3D demos ... thanks to some friends from the karate school, and to Helen Patrice shown here belly dancing.

Here we see the panel on Time Travel and related topics, with Sean McMullen, Alison Goodman, Damien Broderick, Russell Blackford, Gregory Benford & Aubrey Townsend.

And there was a great late night panel on Vampirotica, chaired by Sue Isle, shown here with me.

I also managed to find a few parties, including the FOOLs (Friends Of Old Langford) party on Thurs afternoon - which featured quite a few familiar faces from times past.

Special Guest of Honour J. Michael Straczynski did a great job coping with the queue of fans wanting things signed, here shown signing his book on Script writing for me.

And here we see that Nick Stathopoulos will sign just about anything, including Sean Williams's back. With a work of art no less!!!


I attended the Hugo ceremony, only taking a couple of photos at the end, including the group shot shown here. Amongst others visible are Bruce Gillespie, Dave Langford (Best Fanzine, Best Fan Writer), and Karen Pender-Gunn (collecting Ian Gunn's Best Fan Artist).


The Masquerade was a lot of fun.

Apart from some very funny skits by the MC's Danny (Oh my head hurts) & Nick, including their take on "War of the Worlds" shown here, there were some great costumes:

Here we had the Best Presentation winner with Karen, David & Megan in a very entertaining comedy skit, now who will I chose ...

And of course, Robert Jan took away an award for "Best in the Show" for his wonderful costume as always!

I did rather like the reprise of Queen Amelia and her handservant, by Trish Osweld & Lynette Mayer, winning the Best Costume award, and seen here after the parade.

Not to be outdone, there were some rather nice hall costumes, the ones here being selected to come up on stage for notable comment.

Here we see a closeup afterwards of this spectacular hall costume.

Here is Gail with her winning Minbari warrior costume.

In the young fan category, we saw some great entries, including this costume in a Best Performance.

Caught wandering around outside was Kosh!

Other collections of photos from Aussiecon 3 that I know of include:

Lawrie Brown, 21 May 2007