Røros Pols

The Røros Pols is one of the favorites dances on the program at BUL events in Trondheim. It is a couples dance from Røros in the Trøndelag region of central Norway.

The Pols is danced to 3/4 music with very distinct emphases on both the first and third beats. The basic step is "on beat 1 step left, on 2 pause, on 3 step right" following that rhythm, but with the body bouncing slightly to all 3 beats to keep time.

These notes are based on my observations whilst attending the BUL Introductory Course in the Røros Pols, held on 3-5 Oct 1997, and taught by Endre Bakka, and Monica Emmerud.

Dance Description

Open Promenade
Entry to Left Turn
Left Turn
Exit from Left Turn
Ladies Pivots
Close Promemade
Entry to Right Turn
Right Turn

Misc Notes

The length of the various figures can be freely varied. I generally found I was dancing the sequence in 32 bars with 8 for open prom and entry to left turn, 8 for left turn, 8 for exit into ladies swivels then close promenade and 8 for right turn and exit.

I divided the dance into a number of parts for ease of description, though this may well not be how its viewed locally. Some of the terminology I've used is based on Australian colonial dances, as I don't know the Norwegian equivalents. Any errors in comprehension or description are, of course, mine.

These notes were compiled by Lawrie Brown who very much enjoyed his sabbatical visit to Trondheim in 1997, and the opportunity to learn some Norwegian dancing. They were last updated on 22 Oct 97.