Mango Info

Some info on Lawrie's mini Mango Ochre Emu home server, which is a modified GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2, a tiny, ultra-cheap, Chinese Mini Smart Router, running OpenWRT.

For a tiny box using a MTK 7628NN 580MHz CPU with 16Mb flash & 128Mb RAM, its doing a pretty good job! I'm using it both as a very low power server that can be left on most of the time, as well as another box to play with :-)

Some Brief Notes on My Configuration

My setup has the Mango WAN ethernet port connected to my home wired LAN. Hence needed to make some changes to allow management access via this port. Then installed extra packages and config to work as my mini home server. In brief, my configuration steps included:

<== - Lawrie Brown - Thursday, 16-Sep-2021 16:51:26 AEST