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This script converts a georeferenced IOF XMLv3 file to a KML file. By default, all courses are included, each in a separate folder in the KML file. For use as a MapRun course, you need to delete all but the required course for any maprun event. This can be done in Google Earth, or by using a text editor on the KML file.

Alternatively, if you know which number course you want, you can select just that course for conversion from the file. If necessary you can determine the require course number by looking at a conversion of all the courses in either Google Earth, or by using my KML Course Placemarks Lister script.

The "Add Styles" option will add an icon to each placemark, using icons from the MapRunners site. These are ignored by the maprun app, but may help when viewing the course in Google Earth to nudge locations.

The "Renumber" option will renumber controls in order listed from 1. This is mainly of use for scatter courses where a low number list is wanted.

Please note that this script just reformats the information provided in the IOF XMLv3 file, so will only produce results as accurate as the input provided. In turn, this depends on the accuracy of the georeferenced map used in setting the course, the coordinate system it uses, and how well the course setting program (OCAD or Purple Pen most likely) handle them. Maps using EPSG3857 or UTM usually produce good results. I have had reports that Purple Pen incorrectly handles maps using EPSG27700, these should be changed to use EPSG32630 or UTM.

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