MapRun Eventor Results Processing

Below is a brief list of steps used in Canberra to process our maprun street orienteering courses for upload to Eventor. These events use a single maprun course, coded as a 60 minute scored scatter course (maprun "PXAS ScoreV60" code). However for entrants in the official event, we use 6 categories: running to any 20, 18, 15, 12 or 8 controls, or walking to as many as possible in 1 hour. We also separate entrants into men, women or team entries within each of these categories. Hence our results processing needs to assign an appropriate class to each person. To assist with this we use an "entrants" file, which contains information on regular entrants, extracted from Eventor entries, which is provided to the get_mr_results.php script used to retrieve results from the MapRun server for processing. See notes in that script for further details. We also copy and re-use a results spreadsheet with assorted useful details to assist with processing, as noted below.

The steps we use to process results, including adding a small number of manually timed entries, are as follows:

  1. Clone results spreadsheet (adapted from Eventor's ResultImportTemplate.xls)
    - change name for current event, clear out previous results, add event name.
    - our results spreadsheet has extra sheets with details of regular manual entrants, clubs, and classes to assist with filling in missing details
  2. Add manual entrants (to separate sheet initially) - check/change class, check computed TimeSecs, add penalty for PW
  3. Download MapRun results for event using the get_mr_results.php script as a tab-separated text file
  4. Open the saved MapRun results txt file in Excel - change Time & Pace to Text from General during import
    - copy results info from here into the main results spreadsheet (which has headings, column widths suitably formatted etc)
  5. Sort by "StartUTC" (column Q in our sheet)
    - remove revision duplicates (where person has revised results, just keep most accurate)
    - spot & flag teams with (near) same start, times & controls (change gender to T to flag for latter class setting)
  6. Sort by "Gender" (R), "Score (controls)" (K) & "TimeSecs" (P)
    - fix classes for each result based on controls punched & pace
    - may need to spot results with inaccurate score/controls count due to missing revision or tracking failure by MapRun app
  7. Merge in manual results from other sheet
  8. Check any rogue results in MapRun & amend number of controls/class if needed. Or even delete if necessary (e.g. results using too large a revision punchTolerance)
  9. Sort all results by "Class" (B) & "TimeSecs" (P)
    - add "AdjScore" column U for walkers as score+penalty
  10. Sort walkers by "Class" (B), "AdjScore" (U - hi to lo) & "TimeSecs" (P)
    - check all in correct order
  11. Add position (can use formula "=above+1", set 1 on 1st in each class)
  12. Remove score (controls) from all except walk classes
  13. Cross-check (consult with others)
  14. Upload required column values to the Eventor event's "Data exchange" page, using the "Upload result list" with "Text from Excel template" textbox
  15. Connect results in Eventor to link people without a PersonID in upload

Please send any comments, suggestions for improvements, or other feedback to:
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