Oct 24 - Farewell to Trondheim

The first week in October ended up been pretty busy. I had a burst of activity at work, doing a crash course in Java and coding up a prototype of my proposed new encryption algorithm LOKI97, as well as continuing revisions on the paper I'm writing on my mobile code work, as I get feedback from my co-author, Dan, in Stockholm. Mon evening was the study group as usual. Actually had Tues at home. Wed night I went Scottish Country dancing.

On Thurs 2 Oct, I was invited by Sarah and Sigmund to go to the Family Concert by the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. Sarah had the week off, so she was in the audience with Rachel and me, and Sigmund was playing. The performance started with a piece by Purcell "The Yong Persons Guide to the Orchestra", which had each of the sections and each of the instruments playing separately, and then in combinations together to illustrate how they all work together. It was very well done. Then thet played the full "William Tell Overture", part of the "Billy the Kid Suite", and "Fra Moldau fra Má Vlást" (a czech piece, very nice). In all a short but enjoyable concert. It was also the first time I'd been in the main concert hall at Olavshallen, which was quite impressive itelf. Afterwards we all went out to dinner at a very nice Italien restaurant, and sat talking there till after 11pm. It was a very pleasant evening.

I then had a pretty active weekend doing an intensive course on the Røros Pols with BUL from Fri 3 to Sun 5 Oct. The pols is probably the favorite folk dance here. Its a couples dance, similar to a waltz but with the emphasis on both the first and third beats. I wanted to both polish up my footwork and style, as well as learn the ladies part (which has quite different footwork and timing). The Fri evening was a bit slow, as they did the basic stepping and the clockwise turn - which I could do fairly well. Did get some tips on correct holds and body position which was good. Sat and Sun were good value though, as they taught the anti-clockwise turn - which was the part I found hardest. I'm now pretty happy with it, and that I'm doing the correct footwork and timing. I also have a pretty good idea of the ladies steps (though I need to drill them before I can dance them at full speed - I know, I tried, and failed :-) Also on Sat evening they had dinner and some dancing up at their hytta, so I went up for a couple of hours. So after all that, I was pretty beat! Got home in time to see Babylon-5 on Sun afternoon (of course :-) and then had a quiet evening.

The following week was a little quieter with the study group on Mon evening which I lead; dinner with Lynda and her parents who were visiting from Yorkshire on Tues evening; and Scottish Country dancing on Wed. On Sat 11 Oct, I went into town to shop for souvenirs and presents. Some 2000+ kroner later ... :-) Still I'm pretty happy with what I got. On Sun 12 Oct, I went back to Ringve for a final tour over the museum. It was interesting as always, and I ended up buying a book on the Langeleik - the lesser known traditional Norwegian folk instrument, a dulcimer variant. So a pleasant but relaxing weekend.

Highlights in the next week included dinner with Emeritus Prof. Arne Myskja and his wife on Tues., which was very pleasant. They've owned a large house in Byåsen for many years. Wed was the final evening at Scottish, saying farewell to the group. On Sat 18 Oct, I went for a drive with Lynda, Ursula & her daughter Maike - we headed SW round the side of the Trondheim fjord to Lisbetsæter in the hills and on to Orkanger in a loop. Was quite pleasant just to get out and see a bit more of the countryside. Had a quiet day at home on Sun, but then in the evening I went to my last Anglican service here - not only did I do a reading, but I got asked to assist with communion offering the chalice to those who came up - that was rather different! Following a quick stop at supper, I then headed on to the regular BUL monthly polskveld, and enjoyed several hours of dancing, and practising my pols. Also on Sun night we had the first snow in town.

It continued to snow intermittently during the following week. Went to the final Mon evening study, dropped in to see Goodman (who lives just round the corner from me, and whom I know through the church) for supper on Tues, and headed off to the Wed evening dance class with BUL on Wed. Thurs I had dinner with Sarah & Sigmund which was very pleasant. Then Fri it was time to pack and see how I could possibly cram all my goods & chattels into 2 suitcases (sigh!). At work I finally got the paper I'd been working on sent off for review, and did a final release of my safer Erlang prototype software.

On my final Sat evening I went to BUL's Haustleik (Dance Ball), so I finished up activities here on a high note. Finally on Sun 26 Oct it was time to head to the airport for my flight out at 3pm, and the end of my stay in Trondheim. And I have to say I've had a marvellous time.

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Lawrie Brown / 24 Oct 97