Lawrie Brown

Lawrie Brown is an Australian computer security guru, science fiction fan, keen dancer, and lover of the great outdoor landscape. In the mundane world he is a retired lecturer in computer science at the UNSW Canberra. He is also a webmaster for the AUUG Canberra and PCUG systems.

Kellie & Lawrie dancing Ceroc, GDS Ball, July 2002 Lawrie's social activities include dancing in the Australian bush/colonial, Ballroom, Ceroc/Modern Jive (photo right), Historic Ballroom, Irish Set, Scottish Country, and Swing (Lindy Hop and West Coast) styles. He performed with the Monaro Colonial Dancers display team for many years, and collects information on, and has composed some, traditional dances. Recently he really enjoyed attending the Understanding Music Seminar to kick start learning to play the piano.

He also is an avid Science Fiction reader, with an extensive personal collection, and a preference for hard-SF. Favorite authors include: Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Eric Brown (my cousin), C J Cherryh, Arthur C Clarke, James S A Corey, Greg Egan, Robert Forward, Peter Hamilton, Anne McCaffrey, Alastair Reynolds, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert J Sawyer, and Vernor Vinge. His enjoys quality SF TV shows like the new Doctor Who and Babylon 5, and the wonderful Lord of the Rings movies.

He enjoys the bushwalking, with a particular penchant for mountain scenery and waterfalls; and sometimes enjoys XC or downhill skiing. And recently he has started walking orienteering courses, assisting with the development of local MapRun courses, and has developed some Orienteering Resource tools and links.

He is a licenced radio amateur, with the callsign VK1KLB, and is a member of the WIA ACT division. He also enjoys a good hack attack on s/w or h/w!

He attends the Canberra Baptist Church, where he has been a member for a number of years.

Have a look at his Christmas letters and other diary items with details of my annual highlights since 1997, or see some earlier photos in my original online photo album.

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