Lawrie's Dance Notes

Lawrie's Dances

Lawrie Brown has composed a number of dances in the Australian bush/colonial tradition. Two of these: "Lyz's Clockwork Jig" and "Swirling Waters" have won the "Traditional Social Dance Association of Victoria" Dance Composer's Competetion in 1990 and 1993 respectively. Another of his dances, influenced by the American Contra style, is "Revolving Doors".

Other Dances

Lawrie has also collected some notes on other dances. During his sabbatical visit to Trondheim, Norway, in 1997, he enjoyed Norwegian folk dancing with BUL. In particular, he enjoyed learning the Røros Pols, a very popular couples dance in the area.

Workshop and Other Notes

Some brief notes are available for Lawrie's dance workshop on:

Brief notes are also available for some of the Monaro Colonial Dancers displays.

Lawrie Brown / 15 Dec 2018