Monaro Colonial Dancers

Dance Repertoire

The Monaro Colonial Dancers have a repertoire of a number of dances which we're extending, and which includes amongst others:
Chain Double Quadrille / Tempest
a medley of the Chain Double Quadrille which was written in the 1960s, and The Tempest, which originated a century earlier.
Circassian Circle Pt1 and Soldiers Joy
a lively medley in sicillian formation of two popular bush dances.
Colonial's Quadrille
a dance, stemming from the 19th century, which was often used as a training piece for dancers of the period as it included a wide range of movements found in most colonial dances.
County Cotillion
an elegant quadrille, danced in waltz time, which MCD collected from the Southern Highlands. It was written around the turn of the century.
Couples Waltz Medley
a medley of elegant couples waltzes, dating from last century on, including the King's Waltz, Waltz Oxford, Valeta Waltz and St Bernard's Waltz.
Four Sisters Barn Dance
a traditional couples dance.
Gallop Quadrille
a fast and lively single figure quadrille.
Ithaca Polka Quadrille
a multi-figure quadrille danced in waltz time.
King George Square
named after a well-known landmark in the centre of Brisbane, this dance celebrates a peculiar ritual at a busy intersection. It was recently composed by Phil Wilson, an expatriate of Brisbane, who is now the Director of the National Folk Festival.
La Tempete
a popular dance last century, which combined characteristics of country dances with those of the social dances of the period.
Longways Set Medley
an arrangement of 4 longways-set dances: the Flying Pieman, Haste to the Wedding, Petronella, and Country Bumpkin; merged together as a medley and danced to a jig tempo.
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
a lively jig, written about a decade ago for the Bush Music Club ball, which we've slightly re-choreographed to live up to its name.
Medley: Evening 3 Step / Boston 2 Step / Dinki 1 Step
a selection of 3, 2 and 1-step couples dances.
a very popular old-time couples dance with distinctive music.
Mind the Dresser
a new dance composed by team member Claire Stoneman for couples in sicilian formation.
New French Cotillion
a multi-figure quadrille danced in waltz time.
Prince Imperials Quadrille
another classic traditional quadrille, including the famous whirlygig figure to get everyone turning!
Princess Polka
a lively couples dance to finish the display.
Polka Quadrille
one of the few quadrilles danced in polka time.
Queen of Sheeba
a wonderful lively modern adaptation of a classic Playford dance for 4 couples, now danced to Handel's "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba", and one of the most popular dances in Australian Colonials circles at present.
Royal Victorias Quadrille
another traditional multi-figure quadrille
Speedy Quadrille
collected from Frank Thompson, in Manangatang, Vic; it is a quadrille, or square set dance, with a number of fast, lively figures.
a lively circle dance, derived from the "First Set quadrille", and still very popular at bush dances.
Stour County Quadrille
an english waltz sequence, also danced in quadrille formation.
Thrushes Nest Quadrille (German Set Waltz) / Waltz Cotillion (Liverpool Plains)
two different examples of a waltz cotillion, a single figure waltz quadrille, from different regiosn of Australia.
Trading Places
a new dance composed by team member Claire Stoneman for lines of 3 in sicilian formation.
Waltz Medley
an entertaining medley which combines several elegant waltzes from our repertoire which includes: Circle Waltz, June's Waltz, Margaret's Waltz, Soldier's Joy, Spanish Waltz, Waltz Country Dance, Waterfall Waltz.

and also: Australian Ladies, Belgian Waltz, Berlin Schottische, Circassian Circle Pts 1&2&5, Fitzroy's Quadrille, La Galopade, Lyz's Clockwork Jig, Posties Jig, Swedish Masquerade, Swirling Waters, Tempest, Thady You Gander, Varsovienna, and the Victory Waltz.

You can find instructions for some of these at Alastair Wilson's Bush Dance Instructions or Peter Ellis Dance Notes.

Brief Dance Notes

Some (very) abbreviated dance notes are available for the displays they have presented at: Cygnet & Tamar Folk Festivals Jan 2006, Cobargo Feb 2004, John O'Brien Festival (Mar 2003, Mar 2002), National Folk Festival Easter 13, 05, 04, 03, 01, 00, 95-97,99), Braidwood (Apr 98), Floriade (2006-03,00,98), MajorsCreek (Nov 2000-1995) with Wongawilli, Pioneer Dances (Jamberoo, Kiama, NFF 95+).
Lawrie Brown / 15 Mar 2013